Greta chair

Design Maša Vukmanović, Jelena Lukač Kirš, Jakov Šrajer
Collaborators Ela Meseldžić
Year 2022
Client Spin Valis
Visualizations Polimachine

Greta was born from the contrast of full and empty, as a dialogue between line and surface. It is this rhythmical interchange that gives birth to a visually dynamic product. From the circular seat, two lines branch out, surprising the user with an incredibly comfortable backrest. The chair is entirely crafted from solid wood.

Metoda is a new furniture brand that substantiates the possibility of transforming the business of Spin Valis from Požega, a company with 70 years of experience, grounded in principles of sustainability and the production of oak and beech furniture. Metoda finds its comparative and market advantage in the diversity of the designers’ styles chosen to participate in the project.