We mentored the first Zagreb Service Jam

Global Service Jam is a once-a-year 3-day global workshop that has existed for the last 12 years. Its goal is teaching and learning about service design, design thinking method and the importance of customer experience, with the purpose of creating new insights and approaches to solving problems. This year for the very first time GSJ was organized in Zagreb, and at the same time, from Friday 9th till Sunday 11th of March, it was held in more than 80 cities across the world.

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For us, Zagreb Service Jam was even more special. The reason was that, after getting a call from Petra Ravlić, Marina Milić Kravar, Katarina Pranjić and Tea Zavacki – top-notch licensed design thinking coaches from Zagreb-based firm Radilica – our Teo Drempetić Čonkić gladly joined as one of the mentors in this exciting workshop. With a lot of inspiration, knowledge sharing and fun, over 30 participants from various industries divided in five teams, through 48-hour workshop held at recently opened TechnoPark, gained new know-how and through practical work sharpened their skills while solving significant problems of today’s society, such as recycling and upcycling of organic waste, lack of the sharing culture, and possibilities for career change.

The main aim of the workshop was for each participant to be at least a bit happier, smarter and more connected after it, and to have some fun during the process. Extra confirmation for successful team leadership through design thinking challenges Teo got on Sunday right after the teams presented their final solutions at BizKoshnica. They chose team called ReUp, led by him, as the winner of the first Zagreb Service Jam, for which he is grateful to his team members who were open to suggestions and to working with each other, with which they encouraged one another to having a successful workshop outcome.

Various Croatian media (see here, here and here) covered the news about this creative weekend in amazing company which we will remember for a long time, and we will see you, if not even sooner, at the next Jam!