Perhaps you were wondering iF our website would be out anytime soon, and iF so, we have great news for you – as we were dangerously approaching the website’s launch, we received extraordinary news ­– Maša won the world-famous iF Design Award 2017 for ELEN Leaf, electric vehicle charging station! And that is the only iF to have in mind. - if design award winner 2017 - elen leaf 01

(photo iF online gallery)

On Friday 10, 2017, the investor HEP Supply with designers + architect team (Vukmanović, Banić Göttlicher, Galić) received the iF Design Award at the award ceremony in Munich. ELEN Leaf was one of more than 5,500 entries from 59 countries in this year’s competition, and the 58-member jury, made up of independent experts from all over the world, came to a conclusion that it deserves the seal of quality. - if design award winner 2017 - elen leaf - if design award winner 2017 - elen leaf 03

When after a lot of work there comes this kind of recognition, we also get freshly charged with positive energy.