Bar cabinet

masavukmanovic.com - waves bar cabinet 00Waves bar cabinet is unique because of the undulating texture of the surface of the wood. Parallel lines flowing on the surface create a play of light and shadow that captivates one’s attention. There are many associations – from deep water waves to furrows in fertile soil to purity of zen gardens – everyone is called to find their own. One thing is certain – the Waves bar cabinet interacts with its user, calling for a moment of meditation by filling the space with peace.

masavukmanovic.com - waves bar cabinet 01masavukmanovic.com - waves bar cabinet 02

Update: Waves bar cabinet won the prestigious Red Dot Product Design Award 2019! This is how the jury described it: ‘An appealing design idiom, a skilled use of materials and a harmonious colour concept give the Waves bar cabinet a very stylish appearance.

masavukmanovic.com - waves bar cabinet 03masavukmanovic.com - waves bar cabinet 05

Update 2: Waves bar cabinet received two more awards – the BigSEE Product Design Award 2019 and the BigSEE Wood Award 2019!