Visual identity + website for an architectural bureau - skroz - visual identity 01

The idea for the slanted SKROZ logotype came from the architectural approach characteristic of the architects at the Skroz bureau. That positive tilt (incline) highlights the elan that the team at Skroz have, but also a slight shift from conventional architecture. In their work, they tend to think deeply and pay a lot of attention to concepts, with which they surpass the standard, and that positively tilted approach was, along with cleanness, exactly the goal of this visual identity.

The website, as an extension of their new identity, with its black background and straight white lines is an association to AutoCAD, one of the main software tools of architects today. That way, in an elegant manner, the white line that travels across the site makes an impression of a 3d space, sort of axonometric, already at the first contact with the Skroz architects. - skroz - visual identity - skroz - visual identity - skroz - visual identity 04