Coca-Cola loves Croatia

Coca-Cola coffee shop corner branding - coca-cola loves croatia - coca-cola loves croatia 02

Katapult promocija hired us, along with Bee biro for design, to create a branded sitting corner as part of a nation-wide campaign Coca-Cola loves Croatia. The idea was for the corner to be set up at premium coffee shops in seven cities all over Croatia, and the goal was to show each city’s uniqueness. That is how Dubrovnik, Osijek, Pula, Rijeka, Split, Zadar and Zagreb got their own – different – corners to sit and hang out in.

We chose several buildings that are symbols of each city, and put stylized form of those buildings on shelf fronts. Besides the shelves, we designed planters, poster stands and photo points. Our illustrations were also used on t-shirts, aprons, tables and various print materials, designed by Maja Preglej of Bee biro. For the corner furniture we chose pieces by our acclaimed colleague Filip Gordon Frank. - coca-cola loves croatia 03 - coca-cola loves croatia 04