Architectural and design project


The overall architectural and design project of a farm intended for breeding various chicken breeds and production of eggs in line with environmentally-friendly principles. The farm is designed to serve, besides its basic purpose, for tourist and educational purposes.

The visual identity is established on the basis of the coat of arms of the “city”, a signage system, the city plate and house numbers in combination with various objects such as totems, flags and the monument dedicated to Mother Chick.

masavukmanovic.com_kokosvaros_2 masavukmanovic.com_kokosvaros_3 masavukmanovic.com_kokosvaros_4 masavukmanovic.com_kokosvaros_5 masavukmanovic.com_kokosvaros_7 masavukmanovic.com_kokosvaros_7a masavukmanovic.com_kokosvaros_8

Various souvenirs such as canvas bags, T-shirts, leaflets, egg packaging, magnets, cups, etc. were also designed.

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