Thanks to Poster Design, We Hit the Lucky 7!

Already 7 years have passed since the beginning of Vizkultura – the top national web portal for culture & arts. - vizkultura - 7th birthday 01

Upon the 7th anniversary, to single out merely 7 postings which marked those 7 years, the main editor of Vizkultura – Ivan Dorotić – took upon himself this, as he called it, toughest task ever. One of the projects that he specifically pointed out was Vizkultura’s Plakatiranje (=Postering), which has resulted in the design of over 240 posters so far.

Cultural Boondocks - picture 2

Among his favourite posters, he singled out the one by Maša Vukmanović – Kulturna zabit [Cultural Boondocks] – as the one that hit the spot. As Dorotić himself says, this particular poster is ‘a pretty good metaphor of the idea that Postering was aiming for, and often succeeded in achieving; through the designers’ language, their visual elaborations and artistic concepts to address the current topics in society.

We wish Vizkultura Happy 7th Birthday and thank them for such a lovely treat, because this, for us, in a way means more than hitting the lucky 7! You will find the rest of the selected articles and interviews at

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Designers’ Double Celebration in One Week

At the beginning of summer, we already reported as Maša’s design trio – Maša Vukmanović + Jelena Lukač Kirš + Jakov Šrajer – was riding the wave of success with their design for Croatian furniture brand Milla & Milli. - big see award 2019

This October it became apparent, not once, but twice, that the aforementioned success of the Waves bar cabinet wasn’t a fluke, as it received two more design awards within the same week – the BigSEE Product Design Award 2019 and the BigSEE Wood Award 2019, which are given for the best product design pieces in South-East Europe, the region with over 340 million people that is considered to be one of the most creative in the world.

In addition to that, the trio was invited to give a lecture as part of the BigSEE Lectures 180° in Ljubljana. On that occasion, the three of them brought the crowd to speed with the complete Waves bar cabinet’s creation process.

And since both Maša and Jelena were born in October, also within one week, this was truly a unique birthday gift for them!

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Our Design Rode the Wave of Success and Brought Us the Red Dot Product Design Award 2019

Red Dot Award is regarded as the world’s most prominent award for industrial, product and communication design. At the beginning of July this year, product design trio Maša Vukmanović + Jelena Lukač Kirš + Jakov Šrajer rode the wave of success yet again – at the gala ceremony in Essen, Germany the trio was presented with this prestigious design award! - waves bar cabinet 00

In the sea of more than 5500 works by the world’s top-notch designers, Maša and her team took home this valuable accolade thanks to another fruitful collaboration with Croatian design furniture brand Milla & Milli, produced by Mundus Viridis, this time for the Waves bar cabinet design.

With that in mind, it is clear why at the award ceremony this furniture design piece called for a proper toast!

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Two awards from Croatian Designers Association!

The best projects designed during 2017 and 2018 have been awarded at the biggest national design exhibition 1718.

We are very proud to have received two awards from HDD – Hrvatsko dizajnersko društvo / Croatian Designers Association, one in product design category for Elen Leaf, the other in integrated project category for our dearest Kokošvaroš / Chickenville. It is a great honor to receive such accolades, among more than 200 outstanding design projects.

Ola! Brilliant in Ljubljana

BIG SEE is the newest, latest and most exiting emerging platform under the BIG umbrella. SEE is Southeast Europe. And it brings together 19 countries and 340 million people in what we feel, claim and exclaim is the most compelling, most creative region in the world.

It is a great honor to be awarded with Big See Wood Design award, among so many fantastic works from many talented designers.

We mentored the first Zagreb Service Jam

Global Service Jam is a once-a-year 3-day global workshop that has existed for the last 12 years. Its goal is teaching and learning about service design, design thinking method and the importance of customer experience, with the purpose of creating new insights and approaches to solving problems. This year for the very first time GSJ was organized in Zagreb, and at the same time, from Friday 9th till Sunday 11th of March, it was held in more than 80 cities across the world. - 1st zagreb service jam 2018 01

For us, Zagreb Service Jam was even more special. The reason was that, after getting a call from Petra Ravlić, Marina Milić Kravar, Katarina Pranjić and Tea Zavacki – top-notch licensed design thinking coaches from Zagreb-based firm Radilica – our Teo Drempetić Čonkić gladly joined as one of the mentors in this exciting workshop. With a lot of inspiration, knowledge sharing and fun, over 30 participants from various industries divided in five teams, through 48-hour workshop held at recently opened TechnoPark, gained new know-how and through practical work sharpened their skills while solving significant problems of today’s society, such as recycling and upcycling of organic waste, lack of the sharing culture, and possibilities for career change.

The main aim of the workshop was for each participant to be at least a bit happier, smarter and more connected after it, and to have some fun during the process. Extra confirmation for successful team leadership through design thinking challenges Teo got on Sunday right after the teams presented their final solutions at BizKoshnica. They chose team called ReUp, led by him, as the winner of the first Zagreb Service Jam, for which he is grateful to his team members who were open to suggestions and to working with each other, with which they encouraged one another to having a successful workshop outcome.

Various Croatian media (see here, here and here) covered the news about this creative weekend in amazing company which we will remember for a long time, and we will see you, if not even sooner, at the next Jam!

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Best of design on Vizkultura in 2017 - vizkultura's best of 2017 - olá! hanging lamp

Yet another exciting and fruitful year is behind us. And to show that we are not merely tourists on Vizkultura’s lists of design project popularity, after 1st place in the category Plakatiranje (Postering) and 2nd place in the category Produktiranje (Productioning) in 2016, in 2017 we were again among the most popular in the category Produktiranje – our Olá! hanging lamp hit the 4th spot by popularity.

So far it looks like Olá! has a bright future ahead. Year 2018, here we come!

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Designed in Croatia, presented in China, at SZIDF

We had learned that awards really account for something upon receiving an invitation from China to participate in the fifth edition of the largest design trade fair in Asia — SZIDF (Szenzhen International Industrial Design Fair), which took place in November 2017, with Future Design Smart Manufacturing being the main topic. - szidf 2017 - masa vukmanovic creative studio stand - szidf 2017 - masa vukmanovic creative studio stand 02

The invitation came shortly after Maša’s work, the first Croatian solar-powered electric vehicle charging station, Elen Leaf, received the renowned IF Design Award. For the fair organizers, among other things, the award-winning work was relevant due to China’s national strategy, which plans to fuel all of the road traffic with electric energy within only ten years from now. - szidf 2017 - masa vukmanovic holding a workshop - szidf 2017 - masa vukmanovic holding a workshop 02

Except from our work getting a lot of attention at the studio’s fair stand, Maša was invited to hold a workshop for the local entrepreneurs, managers and creatives, to whom through design thinking method she explained the thought process behind development of a product before releasing it to the market. She still has not started speaking Chinese, but luckily there was an official translator which allowed smooth communication with the attendees who carefully listened to and some of them even recorded Maša’s presentation. - szidf 2017 - masa vukmanovic live broadcast - szidf 2017 - masa vukmanovic live broadcast 01

To make her rather short stay at the far east as least boring as possible, as a part of the Shenzhen fair, Maša was also a guest at the live show by a Chinese national online-TV channel. Accompanied by her two exceptional colleagues, Richard Hutten from the Netherlands and Ian Wong from Australia, she participated in a public talk on sustainability and future of design, thereat pointing out that for important social change, smart thinking of government apparatus is necessary, but also that a designer has the power to point the society in the right direction.

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Olá! HRT1 – Good morning, Croatia

There was some talk about product design this morning on the first channel of Croatian National TV as a part of one of the longest-running Croatian TV shows – Good morning, Croatia. A TV enclosure by Ksenija Foretić and HRT TV crew was all about the work of Thinkobjects team and their hanging lamp – Olá! – which we have recently presented in a few exhibitions in the region. - olá! hrt1 - good morning, croatia - olá! hrt1 - good morning, croatia 02

You can watch HRT’s full enclosure at the Thinkobjects website to check what exactly Maša and Jakov talked about.

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Koprivila flies among the best at RegPak 2017

The jury of the most prominent regional packaging design competition – RegPak – recognized the magic bursting out of Koprivila’s beauty product series and decided to nominate it for this year’s award, which made Koprivila fly among the last year’s best designed packaging of the whole region. - regpak-2017 - - regpak 2017 - koprivila

We are grateful to our client, Mr. Željko Franja, for supporting our ideas, and are proud because this goes to show that with good + smart design it is possible to outshine already established brands.