Designed in Croatia, presented in China, at SZIDF

We had learned that awards really account for something upon receiving an invitation from China to participate in the fifth edition of the largest design trade fair in Asia — SZIDF (Szenzhen International Industrial Design Fair), which took place in November 2017, with Future Design Smart Manufacturing being the main topic. - szidf 2017 - masa vukmanovic creative studio stand - szidf 2017 - masa vukmanovic creative studio stand 02

The invitation came shortly after Maša’s work, the first Croatian solar-powered electric vehicle charging station, Elen Leaf, received the renowned IF Design Award. For the fair organizers, among other things, the award-winning work was relevant due to China’s national strategy, which plans to fuel all of the road traffic with electric energy within only ten years from now. - szidf 2017 - masa vukmanovic holding a workshop - szidf 2017 - masa vukmanovic holding a workshop 02

Except from our work getting a lot of attention at the studio’s fair stand, Maša was invited to hold a workshop for the local entrepreneurs, managers and creatives, to whom through design thinking method she explained the thought process behind development of a product before releasing it to the market. She still has not started speaking Chinese, but luckily there was an official translator which allowed smooth communication with the attendees who carefully listened to and some of them even recorded Maša’s presentation. - szidf 2017 - masa vukmanovic live broadcast - szidf 2017 - masa vukmanovic live broadcast 01

To make her rather short stay at the far east as least boring as possible, as a part of the Shenzhen fair, Maša was also a guest at the live show by a Chinese national online-TV channel. Accompanied by her two exceptional colleagues, Richard Hutten from the Netherlands and Ian Wong from Australia, she participated in a public talk on sustainability and future of design, thereat pointing out that for important social change, smart thinking of government apparatus is necessary, but also that a designer has the power to point the society in the right direction.