Design thinking hangout with eStudents

When a versatile student association called eStudent, which aspires to provide additional education for students through various projects and improves the quality of their studies in general, desired to further educate its Visual Communication Team, they had Teo come alongside Petra Ravlić from Samsung to the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing in Zagreb and hold a five-hour Design Thinking workshop and a lecture. - estudent - design thinking workshop - estudent - design thinking workshop 02

(foto eStudent)

To the ambitious students present, Teo showcased all of our work done for the Priča Hotel to have them gain insight into how wide possible, sometimes even necessary, it is to go while working on a project. Besides that, using the newly learned techniques, they came up with slogans and methods for attracting even more quality members for the new academic year. Hangout with these smart young people even made learning fun!