The Vukmanović collection

Design Maša Vukmanović, Ana Banić Göttlicher
Year 2010
Client Narodni muzej Crne gore
Photography Palma Poljaković

The Vukmanović Collection is a monograph that offers a critical cross-section of a collection of 220 works of art (paintings, graphics, sculptures, and applied arts) donated by the Vukmanović family to the National Museum of Montenegro. After a considerable amount of time, the collection was exhibited again in 2010 in Belgrade, Montenegro, and Macedonia, on which occasion this monograph was published.

The exhibition in the Belgrade gallery SANU was titled ‘Temporatura 39’. The title is a play on words, originated from a combination of the nickname ‘Tempo’ and the number of years that have passed since the collection was donated to the National Museum of Montenegro.