Product and Spatial design


Design Maša Vukmanović, Jelena Lukač Kirš, Jakov Šrajer
Year 2015
Client Era

The eco furniture line X is based on elegant lines joining table legs and box. Crossed, slanting legs create a visually memorable detail which endows solid wood with unusual lightness. The slanting-legs element can be applied to a wide range of other furniture elements —such as chair, armchair, club table. Special attention is paid to the smoothness of the finishing treatment. The light wood thrills with conscious stimulation, visually and by touching it.

Modern approach to elegant and delicate design which is little used in the furniture industry, very hardy hornbeam wood, final finishing using vegetable oils, lack of materials other than solid wood, durability, utilization of waste materials with visible knots­ place X in the sustainable development design niche.