Branding and Graphic design

Croatian Medical Journal

Design Maša Vukmanović, Teo Drempetić Čonkić
Year 2014 – danas
Client Croatian Medical Journal
Photography Palma Poljaković

The Croatian Medical Journal is a magazine published by the Medical Faculties in Split, Zagreb, Osijek, and Rijeka. It is published bimonthly in English. The project encompassed the design of a new visual identity for the journal, magazine layout and design, cover design for current issues, and website design, which was awarded the VIDI Web award for the best Croatian website in 2011 in its category.

The design of the CMJ covers is specific because the journal is treated as a subject to which the theme relates. It sometimes plays the role of a doctor, at times a patient, and occasionally it represents a sample or a symptom… The CMJ has been through quite a lot to this day. In this series of covers, made from 2014 onwards, the magazine was x-rayed, underwent an angiogram, visited a psychiatrist, had a DNA analysis. It even succumbed to smoking, but only to warn about all the risks, having just two months earlier, promoted 100% ethics.