Design Maša Vukmanović, Ana Banić Göttlicher
Architecture Ivan Galić, NOP studio d.o.o.
Year 2013 – 2016
Client HEP Supply
Project team Damir Mance architecture, Ivica Šaban construction, Zlatko Galić electrical engineering, Elna Kabel d.o.o. contractor
Photography Ivan Dorotić
Awards Industrial / product design Award, Croatian Designers’ Association 17/18; iF Design Award 2017

ELEN Leaf is the first ultra-fast electric car charging station in Croatia powered by solar energy. The station consists of a canopy with solar panels, an ultra-fast charger, and a recognizable totem.

The design is inspired by the basic biological ‘production’ process that fuels all life on Earth — photosynthesis. The primary site of photosynthesis in plants is the leaf, so it was only natural for the station’s design to communicate this ecological aspect. Moreover, the gradient of green color on clearly articulated surfaces suggests the process of charging a car.