Product and Spatial design

Stand for Milla&Milli

Design Maša Vukmanović
Collaborators Emi23, Best systems
Year 2022, 2023
Client Milla&Milli
Photography Yosuke Kojima, Domagoj Kunić
Awards Honorable Mention, Croatian Designers’ Association, category: spatial interventions 21/22

The slogan for the brand Milla&Milli is ‘Divine Atmosphere’, and such an ambiance was created for the stand. For Milla&Milli’s premiere appearance at the Milan Furniture Fair, a magical environment was created – a stand that gently sways. As Milla&Milli’s furniture finds its inspiration in nature, a concept inspired by the forest was conceived for the stand.

The stand’s gentle tones contrast with the furniture’s dark palette, and its soft lines complement the strong textures within the furniture collections.

The walls and ceiling are made from lightweight fabric, contoured and tinted in a warm grey tone. Hidden within the stand is a fan system, so the strips on the ceiling and walls continuously sway gently. The warm spectrum of suspended and linear lighting further contributes to the magical atmosphere.